Post-pandemic investment opportunities highlighted at UK seminar

VOV.VN - Vietnam's success in coping with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic has seen the country’s economy and post-pandemic opportunities take centre stage during an online seminar recently organised by the Asia Scotland Institute of the United Kingdom.

post-pandemic investment opportunities highlighted at uk seminar hinh 0
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The workshop was chaired by Roddy Gow, the founder and chairman of the Asian Scotland Institute, with the event’s keynote speakers being the Vietnamese Ambassador, several Vietnamese trade representatives based in the UK, along with several policy advisors, business representatives, and investors from the country.

The event captured the attention of audiences and listeners who were made up of individual investors and representatives from UK universities, investment funds, and businesses mainly based in Scotland and northern parts of the UK which operate in fields such as consulting, health care, and technology.

The primary focus of the seminar was to discuss the successful Vietnamese response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ongoing economic situation, and the country’s policies to recover and develop the national economy moving past the epidemic. In addition, it also served to highlight a range of viewpoints, external policies, Vietnam’s role in the region as it strives to maintain a peaceful and stable environment, investment opportunities, and trade co-operation between Vietnam and the UK, with a particular focus on Scotland.

Participants were particularly impressed with much of information shared during the workshop regarding the nation’s success in swiftly responding to the pandemic, with the country only recording 340 positive COVID-19 cases and no deaths. These figures look particularly impressive when taken in the context of the country having a population of over 97 million and sharing a long border with China, the place that the pandemic originates from.

During his presentation at the event, Ambassador Tran Ngoc An emphasised that there are lessons to be learnt from Vietnam’s success in dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic, proving that the country’s achievements have served to boost its overall attractiveness to international financiers who are keen to find a stable and peaceful investment destination alongside a safe political environment.

Moreover, it is the determination that exists between the Government and the people, the commitment and transparency of policies, consistent co-ordination in terms of actions from the central to local levels, and the role of education and information that has helped the country overcome the pandemic, the Vietnamese diplomat said. Ambassador Ngoc An added that the COVID-19 pandemic has seriously affected the nation’s economic growth targets for the year, although the country is still expected to be one of the economies that enjoys positive growth in the region. With the possibility of making a strong recovery, the national economy is anticipated to grow above 6.8% in 2021.

Furthermore, the country is expected to continue providing positive investment and co-operation opportunities for businesses and organisations based in the UK in the fields of education, such as English language training, technology, tertiary, and postgraduate education, along with renewable energy, infrastructure development, and health care.

Ambassador Ngoc An said the seminar is one of a number of activities being launched by the Vietnam Embassy in the UK in alongside other agencies and organisations for the purpose of stepping up co-operation between the two countries to overcome the negative effects of the COVID-19 epidemic amid strong relations in recent years. Indeed, this year marks the 10th anniversary of the strategic partnership between the two nations, he added.