Petrol price up VND271 per litre

The Ministries of Industry and Trade, and Finance decided to increase the retail price of RON 92 petrol by VND271 to a maximum of VND18,146 (US$79.8 cents) per litre from 3pm of November 4.

petrol price up vnd271 per litre hinh 0

The price of E5 bio-fuel rose by VND224 to maximum VND17,858 per litre, while the prices of diesel and kerosene up VND201 and VND199 to VND14,611 a litre and VND13,198 a litre, respectively.

This is the 21th adjustment of fuel prices this year, with nine falls and eight increases.

The two ministries also decided to keep using the price stabilisation fund for RON92 petrol and E5 biofuel at VND300 per litre.

Meanwhile, the use of the fund for diesel was VND250 per litre.


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