Opportunity arises for orange exports to Indonesia

Indonesia will become an important market for Vietnamese orange exporters as Indonesian oranges have fallen out of favour in the domestic market, according to the Vietnam Trade Office in Indonesia.

Indonesian oranges are less sweet and their skins are paler compared with foreign oranges, the office said.

In addition, imported oranges are sold at the competitive price of 28,000 rupiahs (US$2.09) per kilogramme while consumers have to pay 24,000 rupiahs (
US$1.79) for one kilogramme of domestic oranges.

opportunity arises for orange exports to indonesia hinh 0

Vietnamese orange exporters were recommended to research exporting to Indonesia.  

Vietnam’s total fruit and vegetables export value reached US$2.4 billion in 2016. The value is expected to increase to US$3 billion this year.

Vietnamese fruits and vegetables have been exported to 60 countries and territories worldwide. Indonesia is among major importers of Vietnamese fruits and vegetables.


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