Open Budget Portal makes debut in Hanoi

VOV.VN - The Open Budget Portal was first launched in Hanoi on August 26 with the aim of improving budget transparency and financial activities.

open budget portal makes debut in hanoi hinh 0
Delegates press the button to launch the Open Budget Portal
The portal of the website, found at, has been developed under the world's advanced models with the aim of improving publicity and transparency in terms of the state budget and accountability in the allocation, management, and use of public resources.

It is hoped that the launch of the portal will serve to assist the Ministry of Finance to gather state budget reports in a swifter and more accurate manner, while relevant ministries and agencies will be able to make reports on an open budget in a simpler and more convenient manner.

With regard to citizens, businesses, researchers, and organisations based both locally and abroad, the portal will allow them to gain greater insights into issues relevant to the state budget, thereby serving to improve the open budget index of ministries and agencies at both central and grassroot levels.

Upon the launch of the portal, Stefanie Stallmeister, Operations Manager for Vietnam, East Asia and Pacific at the World Bank anticipates that it will help to improve publicity and transparency of the state budget, enhance macroeconomic management, and raise awareness regarding the risks and accountability in terms of providing public services.

Furthermore, Swiss Ambassador Ivo Sieber emphasised that the portal will assist the Vietnamese people, along with relevant ministries and agencies, in overcoming the challenges caused by the novel coronavirus epidemic by enjoying access to up-to-date information about finance and budgeting.


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