Online business registration beyond expectations

The rate of registered businesses through the official website of Vietnam in the second quarter of 2017 exceeds the 10% that the Vietnamese government required in Resolution 36a, according to the statistics of the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

online business registration beyond expectations hinh 0

The latest report on Resolution 36a announced by the Government Office shows that the ratio of business registration through the website in Vietnam is 39.8%, higher than the 31.7% of the first quarter of the year. 

Hanoi reached 65.9% and Ho Chi Minh City 51.5%.

Ho Chi Minh City has a private registration channel with a total of 7,565 business registration files, occupying 12.6% of the total business registration files in the quarter.

Resolution 36a on e-government was issued on October 14, 2015, aiming to promote the development of e-government as well as improve the quality and efficiency of state agencies in order to serve people and enterprises better on the Internet platform.


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