NutiFood milk powder products shipped to 300 US supermarkets

VOV.VN - Nutrition Food Joint Stock Company signed a contract with Delori Foods International on January 18 in HCM City to secure export of its milk products to the US market.

nutifood milk powder products shipped to 300 us supermarkets hinh 0
Under the contract, Delori will distribute high quality PediaPlus dissolved milk powder products for malnourished children to more than 300 supermarkets in California, the US.

For deeper penetration of the US market, NutiFood has had to meet the strict requirements of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to receive an import licence from the FDA.

Tran Thanh Hai, CEO of Nutifood said it has taken the company more than a year to finish negotiations with Delori and fully comply with the FDA to receive the import licence.

The company’s export revenue to the US market in the first year is set to reach US$20 million and increase by US$100 million each year over the next five years. Delori has committed to securing widespread distribution for Nutifood products in supermarket chains across the US.


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