Nine tonnes of Vietnamese lychees shipped to Australia

VOV.VN - A haul of nine tons of red lychees are poised to arrive in Australia on June 12, marking the first export batch of Vietnamese lychees to enter the market from this year’s crop, according to data released by the Vietnamese trade office in Australia.

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A poster to advertise Vietnamese fresh lychees in Australia
To market Vietnamese lychees in Australia, the Vietnamese trade office has devised a brand promotion strategy with a specific focus placed on naming the two types of fresh Vietnamese lychees so they can potentially make inroads into the Australian market.

Accordingly, the trade office has decided to name the first type of lychee ‘Golden Lychees’, or ‘Fruit of Luck’, which ultimately implies deliciousness and luck. The second type of lychee is known as ‘Red Lychees’ or ‘Fruit of Love’ which symbolises the fruit’s sweet taste.

Red lychee is a delicious tropical fruit that features a range of special characteristics such as early ripening and a hard shell that makes them suitable to transport over long distances. Due to these factors, the item is generally considered to be an ideal fruit to introduce to Australian consumers.

To introduce Vietnamese lychees to Australian consumers, the Vietnamese trade office will invite potential importers, store owners, and customers to sample the newly imported fruit once they arrive.

Aside from erecting billboards in crowded areas, the trade office will also advertise fresh lychees on social networks or through the Viet-Aus Trade application, in addition to organising a contest aimed at spreading information about the fruit, in an attempt to boost exports.

These marketing campaigns will place a stringent focus on young people becoming long-term and potential customers for fresh Vietnamese lychee products. In parallel with advertising, the trade office will also be receiving feedback from consumers, in order to develop a distribution network over the course of the subsequent year.

The marketing campaign will be conducted in an array of localities throughout Australia in the near future.


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