New customer shopping platform Shopee launched

Shopee, the first mobile-led social marketplace, has officially launched in Vietnam after a trial run of more than a year.

Supported by Garena, a Southeast Asian internet platform provider, Shopee is a customer-to-customer marketplace where customers can browse, shop and sell a wide range of products. 

new customer shopping platform shopee launched hinh 0
With a range of products, secure payment methods, fully integrated door-to-door delivery services and innovative social features such as #hashtag, live chat and easy connections to social media, the marketplace empowers budding entrepreneurs to grow their business, according to Tran Anh Tuan, director of operations and finance for Shopee Vietnam. 

Integrated sales tools also enable entrepreneurs to promote products, manage inventories and enhance customer relations. 

Shopee operates in seven countries and territories, including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand, in addition to Vietnam, the Philippines and Taiwan, with 16 million downloads and 46 million items listed.


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