Nearly 169.5 million USD mobilised from Government bonds

The State Treasury recently mobilised 3.94 trillion VND (169.42 million USD) through Government bond auctions on the Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX).

nearly 169.5 million usd mobilised from government bonds hinh 0
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Some 4 trillion VND worth of G-bonds were offered, including seven-year bonds valued at 500 billion VND, 10-year and 15-year bonds each valued at 1.5 trillion VND, and 30-year bonds valued at 500 billion VND.

The State Treasury raised 440 billion VND worth of seven-year bonds with an annual average yield rate of 3.57 percent, up 0.03 percent from the previous auction on September 25.

A total of 1.5 trillion VND was mobilised from 10-year bonds with an annual interest rate of 3.96 percent, down 0.02 percent from the auction on October 2.

Bonds with 15-year maturity raised 4.5 trillion VND with an annual interest rate of 4.21 percent, down 0.04 percent as compared with the October 2 auction.

Meanwhile, 500 billion VND was collected via 30-year bonds with a yield rate of 5.2 percent, down 0.03 percent from the auction on September 25.

So far this year, the State Treasury has collected over 162.18 trillion VND from G-bond auctions at the HNX.