More shoppers in Hanoi buy fresh food online

An increasing number of consumers are buying fresh food online, according to the Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade.

more shoppers in hanoi buy fresh food online hinh 0

The department said that food, especially fresh food, was previously difficult to market online, but it is picking up now.

Most online stores compete with traditional markets by trading organic foods produced in clean processes.

In particular, thanks to the development of technology, shop owners can post their product images online directly, enabling both sellers and buyers to interact more quickly.

Tran Hoai Thu, a Techcombank staff, started selling food online after buying clean pork at an online store on Facebook. Finding it delicious, she introduced friends to it and ordered for them.

When the number of buyers increased, Thu decided to build a trading website to provide clean pork.

Selling clean food online can save the cost of rent and involves less capital, flexible time, and cost, therefore, profits can be 15% to 30% higher. In addition, selling food online is convenient for consumers.

"I have heard of a lot of unsafe food, so I am afraid to buy fruits and vegetables, which have no origin in the market. Off late, I have been buying food at supermarkets or online, where the products have a clear origin," said a customer in Hai Ba Trung district.

Customer Ngan Anh in Hoang Mai district said that she often buys food online due to her busy working hours and workplace, which is located far away. Food is shipped to her house or office, and therefore, it helps save time. 

However, there are still many individuals doing online business through websites and social networking sites without quality and origin licences, posing a risk of unsafe food, affecting the health of consumers.

According to Hanoi’s Market Management Department, it found many online food businesses without documents of origins and no assurance of food hygiene and safety.

Therefore, consumers should choose to buy clean food at reliable addresses to avoid “spending money and getting worse food.”


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