More people choose Vietnamese goods

More than 300 booths from 200 domestic names received a warm response from consumers during the ‘Vietnamese give priority to Vietnamese goods’ trade fair held recently in Hanoi.

“The designs and quality of Vietnamese goods have improved, many products have high quality, especially agricultural products which are well-known internationally,” said Hoang Quang Huy, a visitor to the trade fair.

Favourable merchandises include apparel, home appliances and food stuffs. According to enterprises, the three key factors consumers consider when purchasing an item include design, quality and price.

“There are plenty of Chinese products entering Vietnam with competitive prices and good designs,” Phung Van Binh from Hanoi Rubber Joint Stock Company said. “However, our company has promoted its brand through communications channels and trade fairs such as the ‘Vietnamese give priority to Vietnamese goods’ campaign in every location,” he added.

Surveys have shown the ratio of Vietnamese goods being favoured domestically has climbed rapidly year after year and has accounted the majority in many major distribution channels.

According to Deputy Head of Domestic Market Department under the Ministry of Industry and Trade Le Viet Nga, before the campaign launched, only 23% of consumers gave priority to Vietnamese goods.

After six years of implementation, the figure increased to more than 70%. Many Vietnamese goods have satisfied the world’s most demanding markets such as the EU, Japan and the US.

To maintain and promote the campaign, agencies will strengthen dissemination activities while manufacturing and supply enterprises will be advised to diversify product designs, increase quality and lower prices.


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