llegal Uber, Grab taxi operation rampant in Danang

Many cars have been found to provide Uber and Grab services in Danang City despite not being allowed by municipal authorities.

llegal uber, grab taxi operation rampant in danang hinh 0
The Danang City Department of Transport on August 2 said that the department won’t give the go-ahead to the pilot operation of Uber and Grab until the Ministry of Transport reviews the two-year trial operation of ride-sharing companies such as Grab and Uber and then issues the legal framework to better manage such services.

However, according to deputy director of the municipal Department of Transport Bui Thanh Thuan, a range of cars blatantly run Uber and Grab services in the city at present.

“The department has requested Uber Vietnam Ltd. Co. to stop Uber service as well as advertisements about the service in the city. We will strictly fine violators,” Thuan added.

Earlier, in spite of efforts to deal Grab taxi service which has also not yet been licensed, more cars running as Grab taxi have appeared in Danang.

The city’s Department of Transport said it is not easy to detect Uber and Grab services which are private cars without badges. The department has fined dozens of cars which run Grab service.

Danang city’s authorities have informed the Ministry of Transport the Uber and Grab violations in the city.


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