Japanese firm seeks to boost machine learning research in Vietnam

VOV.VN - A division of Hanoi University of Science and Technology has signed a memorandum of understanding with a subsidiary of Japan’s PIXTA Inc. which commits to carrying out joint research on machine learning and computer vision.

japanese firm seeks to boost machine learning research in vietnam hinh 0
At the signing ceremony.
The School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics (SAMI) under the Hanoi University of Science and Technology, and PIXTA VIETNAM, an R&D center of the PIXTA Inc., signed the collaboration deal last week.

Accordingly, the LAB Team of PIXTA VIETNAM, which is dedicated to machine learning research, will team up with SAMI students to conduct joint research on an artificial intelligent (AI) application that can process over 40 million high quality and high resolution images from Pixtastock.

Under the deal, PIXTA has high hopes on improvement relating to search accuracy and user experiences on its website. Additionally, the firm expects to raise the standard of its own machine learning technology and contribute to bettering the quality and skills of Vietnamese IT human resources.

PIXTA will establish a prediction system that shows images of best-selling products based on customer’s data and image analysis. The system enables creators to efficiently produce materials on a part with market needs, while buyers will be able to find products easier as they can check retrieval results based on their past buying habits and behavioral data.

The Japanese firm will strengthen co-operation with SAMI as an official partner by receiving internships and sponsoring contests run by SAMI.

PIXTA VIETNAM was established as the first overseas R&D center of PIXTA Inc. in 2016. Despite already possessing excellent software engineers, the firm is still planning to recruit more talented software engineers in the future.


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