Japan- largest import market for Vietnamese transport vehicles

VOV.VN - The first seven month of the year saw Vietnam's export of transport vehicles and spare parts to Japan reach US$1.2 billion, accounting for 28% of the nation's overall export turnover of this commodity group, according to the General Department of Customs.

japan- largest import market for vietnamese transport vehicles  hinh 0
During the reviewed period, export turnover of transport vehicles and spare parts reached a figure of US$4.38 billion. Among more than 30 export markets of the products of its kind, Japan, the US, and the Republic of Korea recorded the largest turnover, making up more than 50% of Vietnam’s total export value.

Meanwhile, export of this commodity group to the US during the opening seven months of the year hit US$904 million, holding 21% of the total export turnover of transport vehicles and spare parts of Vietnam.

However, the nation's export value of the products endured a fall from last year due to the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic on the world economy, thus also adversely affecting the country's production, export and import activities, in which the most affected markets were Switzerland, down 94% and Norway suffering a fall of 91% in terms of export value.