International seminar on super fruits held

An international seminar was held in Ho Chi Minh City on July 1 to adopt a final definition for super fruits in the world, especially those from tropical regions.

A European definition states that super fruits are those which have a high nutritional value, such as apples, grapes and cherries. 

Experts from the Food and Agriculture Organisation, the International Tropical Fruit Network and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development said demand for the fruit is growing across the world. 

They said tropical fruits, especially mango, grapefruit, papaya and Gac fruit in Asia are not popular although they have a high nutritional value and are even able to cure diseases. There has not yet been any scientific research proving their nutritional value. 

The gathering is also a chance for Vietnam to popularise its special fruits as well as expanding markets for fruit exporters. 

Vietnam sets a target of gaining US$1.2 billion from fruit exports to the US by 2020 and expanding its shipment to Japan, the Republic of Korea and European nations.

VNA/VOV online