High-end smartphone prices plummet as new iPhones arrive

Retailers have slashed prices for Galaxy Note 8, S9, Sony Xperia XZ2, BlackBerry Key 2 and old-generation iPhones as new iPhones have arrived in Vietnam, while genuine 2018 iPhones will hit the shelves soon.


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All three high-end models Galaxy S9, S9+ and Note 8 on the shelves of authorized distributors have seen sharp price cuts. 

Galaxy S9+ has seen the price drop to VND19.1 million and VND19.99 million for 64GB and 128GB versions, respectively. Both models now have selling prices VND4-5 million lower than official prices. 

The Galaxy S9 version with a smaller screen is now selling at VND16 million, or VND4 million lower than the initial price.

The price of Galaxy Note 8 has also dropped sharply. The product was sold at VND17.6 million in early September and now has the quoted price of VND14.7 million.

The prices of Samsung’s models are different with the price gap of up to VND2-3 million.

Other Android models have also seen big price fluctuations in the last half of the month. The price of Huawei’s P20 Pro model, after decreasing from VND20 million to VND17.5 million, has dropped further to below VND17 million. 

BlackBerry Key 2 is now selling at VND15.9 million instead of VND17 million.

 The domestic smartphone market in September witnessed dramatic price decreases of Sony Xperia models. Sources say Sony is dumping stock before leaving Vietnam. 


 Xperia XZ2, for example, has seen the price drop by VND10 million, from VND20 million to VND11 million, though it just hit the market six months ago.

 The latest-generation iPhones also have forced the prices of old-generation iPhones down.


 FPT Shop and The Gioi Di Dong, the two largest authorized distributors, have lowered the prices of iPhone X by VND3 million to VND26.99 million for 64 GB, and to VND31.8 million for 256 GB versions.

 Meanwhile, the prices of iPhone X at smaller distribution chains have fallen by another VND500,000 compared with early September to VND23.7 million for 64 GB version.

 The representative of a large retain chain in Hanoi revealed that the sales of Android models in September were just equal to one-third of previous months. 

 Even Note 9, which sold very well in August, also saw sales drop dramatically. Therefore, he has had to sell the model VND2-2.5 million lower than the officially quoted price.

 In related news, Realme, a subsidiary of Oppo, has confirmed it will join the Vietnamese mobile phone market by launching two models in October - Realme 2 and Realme 2 Pro which have competitive prices in the mid-tier market segment.


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