Hau Giang advised to invest huge money to boost tourism

The Mekong Delta province of Hau Giang should invest over 3.5 trillion VND (150.5 million USD) in 22 projects in order to develop tourism services, improve the transport system, and support tourism activities towards 2025, advised Ngo Son Tung, who represents the consultation company for a project to boost the province’s tourism by 2020, with vision towards 2025.

hau giang advised to invest huge money to boost tourism hinh 0
A view of Vi Thanh city of Hau Giang (Source: baodautu.vn)
Tung, Vice Director of Hanoi Planning JSC, said that Hau Giang should mobilise around VND800 billion for ecotourism projects in Lung Ngoc Hoang natural reserve, about  VND500 billion to build up three-star hotels and restaurants in Vi Thanh city and Nga Bay town, and  VND200 billion for the expansion of the road linking Highway 1A and Mua Xuan agricultural centre.

The province should also invest about  VND60 billion to build tourism board ports in Xa No and Cai Con canals, he said.

He suggested that Hau Giang use the provincial budget for a number of major projects, including the broadening of Roads 925, 925B, and 927, while also using about  VND15 billion to strengthen communications to promote tourism, develop its tourism trademark, and improve human resources.

Do Chieu Quy, Director of the provincial Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, said that the province has called for business investments in tourism by offering preferential policies in land, tax, and capital access.

Meanwhile, it has encouraged firms to diversify their tourism products and supported local communities’ engagement in tourism activities.

Quy said that Hau Giang aims to welcome about 1 million visitors in 2025 to earn nearly  VND1.5 trillion.

This year, the province has so far served nearly 500,000 tourists, a rise of nearly 30% year-on-year, including nearly 17,000 foreigners. Its tourism revenue was estimated at nearly  VND150 billion, a surge of 20% over 2017.

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