Hanoi’s industrial production up 7% in 7 months

Hanoi’s index of industrial production (IIP) in the first seven months of this year grew robustly, surging by 7% year-on-year.

hanoi’s industrial production up 7% in 7 months hinh 0
From January to July, the processing and manufacturing industry posted a yearly rise of 7.3% while electricity production and distribution grew 7.8%. Water supply and waste and sewage management and treatment increase by only 0.6%.

Industrial products that posted high growth included food (21%), clothing (31.9%), medicine (25.4%), steel and iron (20.7%) and furniture (107.2%).

The IIP, however, declined for several products such as mining (36%), wood and wood-based products (35%), beverage (9.3%), textiles (4.4%) and chemicals (6.5%).

The outlook for the city’s industrial production in the second half of the year is bright thanks to the expansion of processing and manufacturing and the development of support industries.