Hanoi’s CPI falls 0.23% in December

Hanoi’s December Consumer Price Index (CPI) dropped by 0.23% against last month, but gained 1.55% year on year.

Among the eleven groups of commodities and services in the price basket, two posted a decline in prices. The group of housing and building materials, electricity, water and fuel showed a decrease of 1.38% and transport services down 2.56%. 

Three groups remained unchanged, while six remaining groups saw rises ranging from 0.12 to 0.68%, with post and telecommunications services recording the highest increase. 

In November, the CPI fell 0.3% due to lower petroleum prices, according to the municipal Statistics Office. 

The December CPI in the southern economic hub of Ho Chi Minh City also inched down 0.36% against the previous month due to the decline in fuel prices.