Green mango exports to Australia witness surge in first half

VOV.VN - Figures released by the Australian Department of Agriculture indicate that exports of Vietnamese green mangoes to Australia have doubled in the first half of the year in comparison with the same period last year.

green mango exports to australia witness surge in first half hinh 0
The reviewed period has seen a total 124 tonnes of Vietnamese green mangoes exported to the Australian market, representing a boost of 51 tonnes from the same period last year.

According to a report compiled by ABC Rural, competition from Vietnamese mangoes has led to the price in the Southern Territories dropping by around 40% from about 80 AUD, equivalent to US$63, per tray last year to 50 AUD, equivalent to US$35, per tray this year.

The majority of exported green mangoes were being sold to restaurants, as opposed to supermarkets, where they are frequently used in Southeast Asian cuisine.

Vietnamese durian items have also been jointly promoted in Australia since July 20 by the Vietnamese Commercial Affairs Office in Australia and the New South Wales-based ASEAN company.

The firm has imported a total of seven tonnes of frozen durian from the country, with the majority of frozen durian products mainly being imported from Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, China, and Vietnam, all of which are becoming increasingly popular among Australian consumers.