Green growth promoted in Mekong Delta

(VOV) - The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) is eager to cooperate with Vietnam in studying the relationship between water resources and green growth in Mekong River areas.

A GGGI representative expressed the institute’s desire at a working session with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MNRE) in Hanoi on October 22.

The representative explained the GGGI, established last year, is focusing its research on the relationship between water resources and green growth. Vietnam’s geography and its dependence on the Mekong River Basin’s abundance makes it perfect for such investigations.

green growth promoted in mekong delta  hinh 0

MNRE Deputy Minister Nguyen Thai Lai said the green growth movement and minimising carbon emissions have become key pillars in Vietnam’s sustainable economic development strategy.

The national strategy on green growth that covers the 2011–2020 period formalises this orientation, creating a roadmap for guiding economic restructuring, environmental protection, and water resource security.

Lai said the proposed GGGI research must inform Vietnam’s green economic development and water management policies, and the MNRE will work with the GGGI to achieve this.