Fruit and vegetable exports to major markets continue with downtrend

VOV.VN - Vietnam’s fruit and vegetable exports from the beginning of the year to the first half of September experienced a downward trend with exports to China dropping from 75.1 per cent to 68.8 per cent during the eight-month period, according statistics released by the Import and Export Department under the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

fruit and vegetable exports to major markets continue with downtrend hinh 0
The country’s fruit and vegetable exports during the first half of September fell by 20.1 per cent to US$128.45 million against the same period last year, bringing the total export turnover since the beginning of the year to September 15 to US$ 2.67 billion, down 6 per cent.

China remained as the nation’s biggest buyer during the first eight months of the year. The proportion of fruit and vegetable exports to China during the reviewed period stood at 68.8 per cent.

Elsewhere, fruit and vegetable exports to markets such as the United States, the Republic of Korea, Japan, the Netherlands, Taiwan (China), Hong Kong, and Australia enjoyed huge growth in comparison to last year’s corresponding period.

According to the Import and Export Department, the fruit and vegetable sector must diversify its export markets in order to minimize risks.

The department said that of the fruit category coded HS 080450 which includes guava, mango, and mangosteen, Vietnamese mangoes have been allowed to be exported to the US as of February 18, 2019.

This has therefore opened a window of opportunity for the country’s fruit industry to make further inroads into the US market.

According to the US’ National Mango Board, due to a limited output, the demand for mangoes in the US has been increasing since 2015.

US mangoes are usually grown in Florida and Hawaii, while small quantities are also planted in California and Texas. At present, the output of US mangoes stands at approximately 3,000 tons annually, making up only 1 per cent of the annual import volume.

The Import and Export Department also pointed out that the US market set stringent requirements with regard to product quality, noting that if Vietnamese mangoes are able to ensure a consistent high quality whilst developing their brand, the country’s future exports will grow further.

Since the beginning of the year to the end of July, the US’ import volume of mangoes from Vietnam reached a total of 136 tons, accounting for just 0.1 per cent of the US’ total imports of guava, mango, and mangosteen.


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