Firms urged to assume social responsibility

Intensive training on environment management designed for Vietnamese firms is needed as part of efforts to uphold their social responsibility.

Nguyen Ngoc Ly, Director of the Centre for Environment and Community Research, said corporate social responsibility should be initially reflected by abiding by the current laws such as the Enterprise Law, Labour Law, Law on Environment Protection and Law on Inspection.

She added that complying with environment laws will help enterprises avoid legal risks, inspection and fines as well as reap economic gains. 
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Deputy Director of the General Department of Environment Hoang Van Thuc said the Law on Environment Protection 2014 stipulates incentives for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) engaging in pollution control and environment protection, including loans sourced from the Environment Protection Fund for those operating in concentrated wastewater treatment, environment monitor and manufacturing of eco-friendly products. 

Though the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has directed its departments to hold training courses on environment laws, SMEs still find it hard to access them. 

Training courses only popularise laws and are yet to offer directions guiding the enforcement of environment laws. Meanwhile, there remains overlapping in legal regulations in the Law on Environment Protection 2014, the Law on Water Resources 2012, the Law on Inspection, the Law on Environment Protection Tax, and a number of other decrees and circulars. 

Apart from guiding firms how to outline appropriate environment management plans, it is also necessary to multiply successful examples of doing business in tandem with environmental protection.

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