Famous Vietnamese brands scores lower this year

According to the results released on June 19 of the annual Asia’s Top 1000 Brands survey, the 11 Vietnamese brands featured last year remained this year, although most of them slipped down the ranking.

famous vietnamese brands scores lower this year hinh 0
Except for instant noodle brand Hao Hao, whose ranking moved up from 654 to 636, and toothpaste P/S, whose ranking moved up from 917 to 808, the remaining nine, namely Vietjet Air (595), Viettel (596), Petrolimex (616), Vinamilk (621), Chin-su (668), Trung Nguyen (693), Vietnam Airlines (716), Mobifone (736), and Vietcombank (811) all scored lower in the ranking.

“I feel proud that local enterprises now can make their brands known at the regional front,” said Nguyen Huong Quynh, managing director of Nielsen Vietnam. “However, the results this year were not as good as last year. As observed, most of the local brands’ ranks dropped since last year. To keep the momentum, it is important for our enterprises to continuously work hard on their brand reputation, keep their brand promises and offer the best products and service experience to customers.”

The annual Asia’s Top 1000 Brands survey is the region’s most comprehensive research on consumer brand perception presented by Campaign Asia-Pacific and based on an exclusive survey conducted by Nielsen. According to the results, big multinational companies continue to dominate the list of Top 1000 brands in Asia, but more local firms successfully improved their brand perception.

The top of the charts for the 2017 ranking remained unchanged since 2016. Samsung continued to hold onto the number one position for the sixth consecutive year, Apple came in at second followed by Sony in the third place, Nestle at the fourth and Panasonic at the fifth.

Five other players who fought their way into the Top 10 brands in Asia were LG, Nike, Channel, Adidas, and Coca-Cola. In fact, Coca-Cola was a new name in the Top 10 this year, while Canon, ranked number eight last year, slipped lower.


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