Dong Ky, village of startups

VOV.VN - Dong Ky, also known as Coi village, is located in Tu Son town, Bac Ninh province, and is famous for traditional fine arts products.

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Dong Ky’s wood furniture is popular in Vietnam and abroad. To expand production and boost exports, the Dong Ky Fine Arts Product Association has developed a project called “Village of startups” to connect local businesses.

Dong Ky people are wealthier thanks to hand crafting fine arts products. Its most prosperous period was from 1988 to 2012. Now, however, it is being hampered by its old way of doing business. 

The village’s companies and household producers do not coordinate with each other to create a collective strength. Consequently, economic efficiency is low and international integration has made this a serious problem.

Recently the Dong Ky Fine Arts Product Association undertook a project called “Village of startups” to connect local businesses and help them operate more efficiently. 

Dong Ky plans to develop a 50-ha craft cluster in Tu Son town and reduce its dependence on the Chinese market.

Vu Quoc Vuong, President of the Dong Ky Fine Arts Product Association, said, “Dong Ky’s startup project is expected to create a breakthrough for the village. The project will create a much bigger workshop space to allow villagers to expand production for exports."

"Because it is far from residential areas, it will reduce pollution and improve the environment as it supports social security and generates jobs. Once established, the craft cluster will have a separate area for artisans to demonstrate their talents and wood villages to exchange with each other,” he said.

Last year Dong Ky earned about 40 million dollars from furniture exports, one fourth of which came from the Chinese market.

Vu Thi Mai, Director General of the Huong Mai Furniture Company, one of Dong Ky’s leading exporters, said, “The wood sector has undergone many ups and downs. We have grown like this because we love the craft. We have invested in the production of high quality products with Vietnamese cultural features. We intend to export to Japan, the Republic of Korea, and China’s Taiwan.”

Dong Ky has more than 2,000 enterprises and household producers involved in the furniture trade.

Artisan Vu Ngoc Nam, Deputy President of the Dong Ky Fine Arts Product Association, said, “In recent years Dong Ky has sold many of its products to China. The village now specializes in tables, chairs, beds, and cupboards. We have many artisans and skilled workers. We hope the project will be realized soon.”


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