Developing Vietnam’s organic agriculture

VOV.VN - Organic agriculture and environmentally friendly farming are a global trend. The world has approximately 43 million ha of organic farm land and the estimated global market for organic food is around US$80 billion.

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Developing organic agriculture in Vietnam

Vietnam has more than 70,000 ha of organic farm land in 33 localities. But organic products are rare in the market because of high prices, and a lack of assessment criteria and certification. Customers are confused about clean versus organic products. 

Le Thanh, Head of the Institute of Vietnam Organic Agricultural Economics, said Vietnam should stay focused on products such as herbal medicines and coconut oil for export. Production of organic vegetables and fruit should be increased for domestic sales in competition with imported varieties.

Le Thanh said, “We need to improve community awareness of organic agriculture, geographic indications, and organic producers.  We need to establish a distribution network of reliable suppliers and sellers. The media should increase communications about organic products, nutrition, and environmental protection. Incentive policies for organic enterprises and producers are needed.”

Solutions to promote organic agriculture

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Tran Thanh Nam said that to meet challenges and promote organic agriculture, the key is to fine tune economic mechanisms and policies. The Ministry will work with relevant agencies to compile a decree on organic agriculture to submit to the Prime Minister.

 “We should focus on producing safe products following VietGap and GlobalGap standards and sustainable and environment-friendly production, particularly organic farming. We’ll propose measures to the government to strengthen organic agriculture”, Mr Nam noted. 

Organic agriculture will help sustain the ecosystem while providing customers good nutrition.


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