Commerce Ministry promotes organic farming

The Ministry of Commerce has encouraged people to practice organic farming as a way of responding to global market demands.

commerce ministry promotes organic farming hinh 0

The Cabinet has approved a new five-year strategic plan on the development of organic farming for 2017-2021. The plan aims to position Thailand as a regional leader in the production, consumption, and trade of organic products. 

Under the plan, the Ministry of Commerce has determined four strategies to achieve the goal, which include raising awareness of the plan among industry stakeholders, standardizing and certifying organic products at the national and international levels, expanding to new markets, and using innovation create value added. 

Commerce Minister Apiradi Tantraporn said the new plan corresponds to the development of Thai farmers, who have become interested in organic farming to avoid chemical contamination. 

As people become more health conscious, the global market for organic produce has become a three-trillion-baht industry. 

The Ministry of Commerce this year will organize campaigns and events to promote organic produce in Thailand, including Organic & Natural Expo 2017, the biggest organic expo in Thailand. 

The ministry is also working to improve organic farming standards in Thailand to boost consumer confidence, especially among international buyers who value certificates of quality.


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