Central Highlands approves US$4 billion of potential investment

VOV.VN - Signalling a positive momentum in the Central Highlands region, local authorities have approved approximately US$4 billion of future investment in the region during the first half of 2016.

central highlands approves us$4 billion of potential investment  hinh 0

The proposed investment is made up of approximately 25 separate ventures, for which most will likely never materialize, said Senior Lieutenant General To Lam, head of the Central Highlands Steering Committee.

The largest share of these projects are tentative and preliminary and contingent upon a host of factors, said Mr Lam, adding that hopefully a few will come to fruition and bring new commerce and jobs to the region.

The local economy has not fared well in the first six months of the year, added Mr Lam, noting the struggling pepper industry as a prime example of the problems agriculture is experiencing.

To the extent that some of this investment might improve transport infrastructure, it could greatly boost the local economy.


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