Ca Mau looks at ways to support local fishery

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of the southernmost province of Ca Mau has implemented measures to address challenges to local fishermen and ensure targeted output this year.

The Department announced the output of aquatic products of Ca Mau province may only reach 85% of year’s target (285,000 tonnes) while the shrimp productivity will be 82% (142,000 tonnes). 

ca mau looks at ways to support local fishery hinh 0

It is difficult for the province’s fishery output to meet with the goals as unusual weather has affected output with looming typhoons and tropical pressures. Epidemics may also occur as temperatures drop in winter. 

Meanwhile, capital to support the local fishery industry has yet to reach local farmers. 

The Department suggested the provincial People’s Committee provide guidance for local farmers and urged relevant agencies to inform them of unusual weather to minimise the impact of natural disasters. 

According to statistics, due to drought in early months of 2016 and downpour afterward, over 158,000ha of local fishery area was lost and more than 125,000 households were heavily affected. 

In the first four months of 2016, the province earned nearly US$275 million from aquatic exports, mostly shrimp, up three percent from last year.


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