Businesses keen on clean energy plants in Dak Lak Province

Many domestic and foreign enterprises have been granted investment licenses to develop solar and wind power projects in the Central Highlands of Dak Lak, according to the provincial People’s committee.

businesses keen on clean energy plants in dak lak province hinh 0
It is sunny and windy much of the year in Dak Lak province, giving it great potential to develop clean energy, according to experts.
According to a national master plan on solar and wind power development to 2020 with a vision to 2030, Dak Lak province aims to bring clean energy capacity to about 5,250 MW. 
Wind power will be developed in Krong Buk, Cu M’gar, Krong Nang, Ea H’leo districts and Buon Ho town with a tentative capacity of 1,382 MW. The rest of the electricity will be generated at solar power plants. 
The HBRE Wind Power Company Ltd. has invested US$270 million to build a wind farm with total capacity of 120 MW in Dlie Yang Commune, Ea H’leo District. 
The farm, the first of its kind in the Central Highlands, is designed to produce 450 million KW of electricity per year. 
For solar power projects, Vietnam’s Xuan Thien Company Ltd. will invest US$2.2 billion in a 2,000MW solar installation in Ea Sup District. 
Long Thanh Infrastructure Development and Investment Company has planned to invest US$310 million in a 250MW solar installation while TH True Milk Group will build a 1,117 MW solar plant on an area of 1,117 ha in the same locality. 
Meanwhile, the US power group AES Corporation has spent US$750 million on a solar factory, which will have the capacity to generate 300 to 500 MW in Ea Sup and Buon Don Districts.

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