Bright prospects for fruit and veg in 2018’s high value markets

VOV.VN - The Plant Protection Department has announced that it will finalize the of trade promotion formalities for rambutan exports to such markets as the Republic of Korea and New Zealand.

bright prospects for fruit and veg in 2018’s high value markets hinh 0

Accordingly, the Plant Protection Department (PPD) will co-ordinate with relevant agencies to go ahead with trade promotion and market expansion towards high economic value

Along with localities, the department will instruct the building of VietGap and GlobalGAP– based agricultural production models aiming to increase productivity and the quality of farm produce and encourage businesses to connect with cooperatives and farmers in building a supply chain connectivity from growing areas to processing for exports.

Mr Hoang Trung, PPD Director General said there is huge potential for fruit and vegetable exports in the coming time but businesses and farmers need to prevent epidemics, ensure food hygiene and safety, and control pesticide residues in fruit and vegetable products to gain access to the demanding markets.

So far, the PPD has granted 6,000 growing area codes to dragon fruit, mangoes, longans, rambutan, and lychees and more such codes will be provided for more growing areas to boost exports.

Last year, Vietnam’s fruit and vegetable exports hit a record high of US$3.45 billion, surpassing other key export products such as rice and coffee as a result of the good selection of fruit and vegetables suitable with the strength of each region nationwide.


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