Big C announces upgrades in 13 stores

VOV.VN - Big C has announced that it will make significant investments in 13 supermarkets nationwide to upgrade them to retail trade centres as part of a strategic plan to rebrand its image and position the company for future success.

big c announces upgrades in 13 stores hinh 0

Specifically, the retailer said it will invest roughly US$30 million over the next few years to upgrade and rebrand 13 out of its current portfolio of 34 supermarkets to that of a high-end commercial centre.

The move will allow the company to expand its traditional supermarket offerings to new contemporary shopping venues spanning an array of specialty shops, fashion boutiques and fine-dining restaurants.

The new centres will feature an all-new blend of contemporary styling coupled with traditional ambiance, offering customers lower prices and access to expanded first-rate quality products, including the company's private label products.


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