Banks attract new deposits with lucky money

Many banks are trying to encourage customers to make deposits by giving out lucky money after Tet.

banks attract new deposits with lucky money hinh 0

Viet Capital Bank launched a promotional programme that gives lucky money to those who make deposits for three days. Each lucky envelope includes a banknote of up to VND100,000 (USD4.30).

According to Sacombank, many people made deposits on February 12 to earn some lucky money. Their programme launches from February 7 to 12. Customers who deposit over VND60m have been given VND39,000 or VND68,000. Those who deposit over VND1.5bn have been given 3.75 grams of gold.

Customers who open new savings accounts with at least VND500,000 or deposit VND1m to VND10m into their old accounts have been given VND20,000.

Trang, a local in District 2, said after knowing about the programmes, she deposited VND200 m into two different banks to earn VND200,000 of lucky money and a chance to join a lucky draw.

Meanwhile, ABBank gives their depositors practical items in the new promotion programmes such as a set of wine glasses or dishes besides the lucky envelopes with banknotes of at least VND50,000.

This year, most of the programmes aimed at customers who make at least 6-month deposits. According to experts, banks need money for medium and long-term capitals as the maximum ratio of short-term funds used for medium and long-term loans was drafted to be at 45% in 2018 and 40% in 2019.


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