Bamboo Airways and Vietjet Air approved for more aeroplanes

The Ministry of Transport have allowed Bamboo Airways and Vietjet Air to buy 23 planes by the end of this year.

bamboo airways and vietjet air approved for more aeroplanes hinh 0
Bamboo Airways permitted to buy 12 airplanes by the end of this year

Among those, Bamboo Airways will purchase 12 planes.

By April this year, airlines in Vietnam operated 222 planes, including 94 by Vietnam Airlines and Vietnam Air Services Company, 67 by VietJet Air, 18 by Jetstar Pacific and 10 by Bamboo Airways.

With the approved aeroplanes for Vietjet Air and Bamboo, the total number of planes will be 251 by the year-end and the figure would reach more than 400 by 2030.

Earlier, Bamboo Airways proposed buying additional 30 planes this year, however, the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam said that the increase in the size of its fleet should be carefully considered based on the capacity of the country’s airport infrastructure and Bamboo Airways capability.


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