Automobile manufacturers race to expand distribution networks

The success of automobile manufacturers is determined not only by product quality and design, but also by distribution networks and post-sale services.

 automobile manufacturers race to expand distribution networks hinh 0

Within the first half of June, Honda Vietnam opened two agents in Son La and Ninh Binh, a part of its strategy on expanding the distribution network in the north and bringing genuine Honda services to more clients.

Honda’s authorized dealers are all standard 5S (sale, service, spare parts, safe driving guide and social contribution). 

The automobile manufacturer now has 29 agents in cities/provinces, but it is still seeking more partners to increase the number of agents.

Prior to that, in April and May, Toyota Vietnam put into operation two agents in Hai Phong and Quang Ninh, raising the total number of agents to 50, now present in 22 cities/provinces.

Ford Vietnam in April 2018 inaugurated the 37th agent and upgraded the scale and equipment at Dong Nai Ford agent. Both the agents have large scale and observe Ford’s most modern standards (Ford Signature and Quality Care).

 Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz Vietnam has the largest luxury-car agent system with 14 sale and authorized service centers. In the last two consecutive years, Mercedes-Benz Vietnam invested more than US$2 million to upgrade the infrastructure of the agent system.

 A report from Mercedes-Benz Vietnam showed that in 2017 the manufacturer’s agents provided services 54,000 times to clients, or 180 times a day. 

 In 2018, it plans to open more authorized sale and service centers in Vinh, Binh Duong and Can Tho. 

 Two more used-car sale centers have been put into operation, raising the total number of centers to 10.

 Mercedes Benz’s CEO Choi Duk June said expanding the network of agents is a strategic move to gain sustainable development in Vietnam. 

 Used-car agents are a useful channel which allows clients to own luxury cars at reasonable costs.

 Ford also can see great potential in the used-car market, and has pushed up investment in the segment. 

 Clients visiting agents will be provided with products and services related to new and used cars. In addition, they will receive financial consultancy and support to access bank loans.

 As for Toyota Vietnam, 1.14 million clients received services at its agents in 2017.


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