Australia government delegation works with Vietnamese agency

(VOV) -Australian and Vietnamese officials have held that short-term difficulties caused by tensions in the East Sea also give Vietnam a new chance to set up a sustainable and independent economy.

This view was shared by an Australian government delegation while working with officials of the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Economic Affairs in Hanoi.

Party Central Committee’s Commission for Economic Affairs Vice Chairman Nguyen Ngoc Bao briefed the Australian delegates on Vietnam’s economic situation, which is recovering in all fields.

The country is focusing on economic renewal such as restructuring public investment, State-owned enterprises (SoEs) and the banking system, finalizing the socialism-oriented market mechanism; and equipping people with first-rate skills. 

Vietnamese officials will work with authorized agencies to boost economic ties between Vietnam and Australia, and ask the Australia delegation to intensify cooperation measures.

The Australian delegation headed by Keith Scott – Assistant Secretary of the Southeast Asia Mainland Bilateral Branch under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade also hailed Vietnam’s remarkable economic accomplishments. 

The both sides shared their view on current hardships ignited by the East Sea developments and agreed that such a situation also give Australia an opportunity to increase its presence in the Vietnamese market.