ASOSAI 14 contributory factor to raising Vietnam’s regional profile

VOV.VN -The hosting of the 14th Assembly of the Asian Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (ASOSAI 14) is seen as a major landmark external event, affirming the important standing of the State Audit of Vietnam (SAV) in the region and the wider world.

asosai 14 contributory factor to raising vietnam’s regional profile hinh 0
The ASOSAI 14 Assembly ends in great success and wins the praise of international delegates
The international delegates at the event highly appreciated the role of the SAV as ASOSAI Chair for the 2018-2021 tenure, which shows the opportunity of and responsibility for the SAV’s leading role in providing fresh impetus for the ASOSAI community.

Notably, the 7th Symposium "Environmental Auditing for Sustainable Development” within the 14 ASSOSAI framework was the focus of attention by a large number of ASOSAI members and domestic and international experts.

The meeting reached its goal of building a common forum for sharing knowledge and experience as well as proposing solutions to effectively implement environmental audits towards sustainable development goals (SDGs).

SAI members, through the event, gained deep insights into environmental issues and came up with practical and effective solutions to environmental audits towards sustainable development in each country, the region and beyond.

As the host of ASOSAI 14, the SAV proposed the "Hanoi Declaration" initiative which received great support from numerous member organizations.

ASOSAI 14 with the highlight of the Hanoi Declaration indicated a long-term vision of ASOSAI in the coming period. The Hanoi Declaration affirmed the interest, efforts and practical contributions of the ASOSAI community to the United Nations’ pursuit of environmental agenda.

According to Supreme Audit Institutions (SAI) members, with its ideas and significant activities shown at the Assembly, the SAV has grown rapidly and earned a public auditing reputation in the region and the world after 24 years of formation and development.

The fact shows that with more than 20 years of its ASOSAI membership, the SAV has constantly strengthened its voice and role in the development process of the organization, while doing its part in contributing to the process of boosting international integration and improving audit capacity of the ASOSAI community's SAIs.

With regard to Vietnam’s organization of the 14th ASOSAI, the head of the Thailand supreme auditing institution (SAI), Chanathap Indamra said, “I must say that Vietnam’s hosting of ASOSAI 14 is excellent, thanks to the hardworking of every section, particularly the staff of Vietnam's supreme auditing institution. They have cooperated very well with each other to manage this meeting. The hosting is very excellent and we have seen good outcomes.

Thailand SAI, as a member of ASOSAI, will keep a very close cooperation with Vietnam as the ASOSAI chair to strengthen the organization’s performance, reputation and efficiency in the coming time, and make it more trusted among member SAIs as well as make sure its outcomes to go smoothly. In this term, Vietnam SAI is the ASOSAI President, I am sure that Vietnam will make great contributions to ASOSAI and bring the organization into the next level of development. For the next term, Thailand will be the host and chair of ASOSAI in 2021, we will keep closer cooperation with Vietnam.”

Takaya Kato from Japanese SAI placed a high value on the SAV’s thorough preparations for the 14 ASOSAI Assembly as well as the host’s hospitality to delegates.

“We hope and believe that the two sides will have good cooperation for the development of ASOSAI in the future,” Kato said.

Nepalese Auditor General Tanka Mani Sharma, who is also a member of the ASOSAI Governing Board, hoped that in the new position of ASOSAI Chair, Vietnam will enhance its leading role in the development of auditing community, not only in ASOSAI but also in the International Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI), and further promote bilateral partnership in the field.

As a Supreme Audit Institution (SAI) with considerable experience, Nepal will help Vietnam build auditing capacity, thus further enhancing mutual understanding and sharing of experience and skills, he said,

With the expectations of SAI members, Vietnamese Auditor General and ASOSAI Chair Ho Duc Phoc pledged to take stronger actions to create a higher level of motivation for ASOSAI cooperation so as to fully maximize the  potential of SAI members, thus developing ASOSAI into a regional model organization towards new heights.

Environmental issues are becoming a serious threat to the growth of each country, making environmental audit for sustainable development more important, Phoc said while stating that the SAV will further step up environmental audit as well as auditing operations in the time to come to assess the management and use of resources and environmental protection of state agencies towards achieving SDGs.