Aquatic exports fall slightly, but imports edge up

VOV.VN - The import and export of aquatic products went into reserve during the first seven months of this year, noted the General Department of Vietnam Customs.

aquatic exports fall slightly, but imports edge up hinh 0
Illustrative photo (Source: VOV)

Aquatic exports earned US$4.69 billion during the seven-month period, a slight fall of 0.82 on year. This could be attributed to a big slump in the value of aquatic exports to some markets. Aquatic shipments to Saudi Arabia plummeted by 98.8 per cent on year to only US$0.17 million, while those to the Netherlands, Israel, and Pakistan shrank between 31 per cent and 70 per cent per annum.

Tra fish (pangasius) shipments brought home US$1.13 billion in the reviewed period, a year on year drop of 5.5 per cent, while shrimp exports raked in US$1.8 billion, sliding by 8 per cent.

Aquatic exports to other markets rebounded in the seven-month period as those to Iraq and Ukraine jumped by 49.7 per cent and 47 per cent, respectively. Elsewhere, aquatic shipments to Cambodia soared by 41.8 per cent.

Shrimp exports to China racked up US$285 million in value, an annual rise of 1.7 per cent, while such category shipped to the US rose by 5 per cent to US$327.4 million.

Meanwhile, aquatic imports upped 4.4 per cent on year to reach over US$1.05 billion. Norway, India, China, Japan, and other Southeast Asian countries were the largest sources of aquatic products for the country.

Aquatic products purchased from Norway were estimated at US$128.37 million in the seven-month period, representing 12.2 per cent of the country’s total aquatic imports.

Those imported from other Southeast Asian countries enjoyed an increase of 41.1 per cent, accounting for 10.7 per cent of the country’s total turnover of aquatic imports.


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