Ajinomoto Vietnam opens new office in Hanoi

On May 25, Ajinomoto Vietnam officially opened its new office at the Artemis building at 3 Le Trong Tan street in Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi.

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The office has an area of 1,020 square metres. It will be the base of operations where the company will research the Vietnamese food culture and initiate marketing activities to inspire Vietnamese families and people to love cooking as well as connect to young consumers.

One of the features of the office is the Ajinomoto cooking studio where people can sign up to join free cooking classes from June 1. Teachers will be food experts who will share diverse recipes with participants, including every-day and specific dishes for specific eating groups, such as young children, or special holiday dishes. They will also hold classes on nutrition.

Class participants will receive step-by-step instructions and practice at the different stoves available in the room. The dishes will be always updated and new dishes will be added to meet the current trends among young people.

There will be a space for the company to research the Vietnamese food culture and develop products to serve Vietnamese consumers. It is also where the company will develop balanced and nutritious menus to use in the school lunch programme that it has been carrying out in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Training and the National Institute of Nutrition under the Ministry of Health.

Another highlight of the new office is the infoseum where visitors can learn about the company’s history, its production activities, its efforts to protect the environment, and its corporate social responsibility activities, and more.

“Ajinomoto Vietnam’s mission is to contribute to the further growth of Vietnam and the happiness and good health of its people through food culture and food resources development,” said Hiroharu Motohashi, general director of Ajinomoto Vietnam. “The establishment of the Hanoi office with these unique functional areas is a basis for the company to continue realising this mission.”


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