Agriculture seeks to gain growth momentum

VOV.VN - Agriculture contributes nearly 20% of Vietnam’s annual GDP. In the wake of climate change effects and shrinking markets, the agricultural sector is making full use of its strengths to gain growth momentum.

agriculture seeks to gain growth momentum hinh 0

Attention is now being paid to aquaculture, which is considered a spearhead for exports. 

The 560 thousand ha shrimp farming area in the Mekong delta is increasing its output. 

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Vu Van Tam stressed the need improve the quality of brine shrimps.

“The tiger prawns can be sold in many markets, but white-leg shrimps face stronger competition. So we need to improve their quality and reduce prices. Exported shrimps should be free from antibiotics, residues, and banned chemicals. Efforts should be made boost trade promotion and expand the markets,” he said.

Vegetables and fruits have also posted high growth of 37%. Experts say cultivation areas and crops should be expanded and product quality, safety and hygiene should be ensured. 

Major products, including dragon fruits, mangoes, durians, longans, rambutans, litchis, and bananas need more attention. 

Ho Xuan Hung, President of the General Assembly of Vietnam Agriculture and Rural Development, said, “It’s important to review crop selection. We need to adapt to climate change. Salt water intrusion is caused by unfavourable weather and by humans."

"If there are reliable forecasts, we will restructure farming production. The agricultural sector needs to focus on aquaculture and cultivation of vegetables and fruits in addition to developing the forest-based economy,” he added.

The agricultural sector‘s longer-term measures include administrative reform, investment attraction, market expansion, and food safety assurance.


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