Agriculture must play by the rules

(VOV) - The agricultural sector must export its potential products, said Dr Dang Kim Son, Institute of Policy and Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development (IPSARD), in a recent interview with a VOV reporter.

VOV: What’s your evaluation of the agricultural sector’s integration process in recent times?

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Dr Son: It is good news that the agricultural sector has continued growing steadily instead of declining, even with its export surplus in the face of the global economic slowdown. It has become a firm foundation for economic growth in both social and environmental aspects.

Despite low investment, scientific technology and poor infrastructure, agricultural products have cornered many markets in the world with export earnings of US$27 billion, confirming its role in the integration process.

VOV: How has the sector taken full use of its advantages?

Dr Son: There are many potential areas, such as rice, coffee, pepper, cashew nuts, wood and seafood. They will grow steadily if there is proper investment in the whole chain of value, mechanism restructuring, and linkage of farmers and businesses in the global chain.

In addition, if mechanisms are better reformed at all levels, ranging from administration management, State management, customs and services to infrastructure Vietnam’s competitiveness will increase.

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VOV: What measures should be applied in the fields which are not the country’s strength to overcome challenges in the integration process?

Dr Son: We realised there are some areas which are not own strength such as sugar, oil-yielding cultivation, tobacco and fertiliser production and so on because we will have to import input materials for processing.

In the near future, we will have to play market game to integrate deeply and widely. It means that Vietnam will have to boost exports of potential products and import other products which are in need when the country is unable to exploit natural resources effectively to produce.

VOV: Thank you very much.