Vietnam determined to fight corruption

VOV.VN - Vietnam is renewing its determination to fight corruption in accordance with Party resolutions on Party building and rectification. But some people are skeptical of the anti-corruption effort being led by the Communist Party of Vietnam.

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The 12th session of the Central Steering Committee on Corruption Prevention and Control
VOV’s editor Thu Hoa argues that this skepticism does not do justice to the reality in Vietnam.

Like most developing countries, Vietnam sees fighting corruption as an important priority.

Corruption curbed

 Since its establishment in 1930, the Communist Party of Vietnam has led the fight against corruption. Special policies have been adopted to engage the public in oversight of elected agencies, the Fatherland Front, socio-political organizations, and mass media. 

Corruption has been reduced through aggressive measures taken by the Party and State, particularly agencies in charge of anti-corruption, law enforcement agencies, the procuracy, and the court.  A number of complex cases of heavy corruption have been detected and tried, enhancing political stability and socio-economic development and consolidating public trust in the Party and State.

Combating corruption an important task

Vietnam has fine-tuned policies and legislation to improve the effectiveness of the anti-corruption campaign. Regulations and norms for Party members and leaders have been formulated. The institutionalization of socio-economic management and corruption prevention has been completed in line with the Party’s National Construction Platform, the 2013 Constitution, and the 12th National Party Congress resolutions. 

Cadres, Party members, and leaders are required to act responsibly and be role models in combating corruption. The fight against corruption has been expanded to non-state sectors. International cooperation has been sought to make the campaign more effective. Vietnam is committed to implementing the UN Convention against Corruption in accordance with Vietnamese laws and conditions.

Resolutely implementing Party resolutions has produced a decline in the number of corrupt and ideologically-decadent Party members. Administrative services have been reformed to better serve the people. Medical workers and teachers have been retrained in professional ethics. It is an undeniable fact that the national fight against corruption has seen measurable progress.


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