Socio-economic development and State budget under NA discussion

VOV.VN - Law makers continued to express their opinions on issues relating to socio-economic development and the State budget on June 15 during the 14th National Assembly (NA)’s on-going ninth session.

socio-economic development and state budget under na discussion hinh 0
During the previous discussion held on issues on June 13, most members moved to adopt the Government’s report, along with verification reports from the NA’s Economic and Finance-Budget Committees, especially their assessment of the State’s management and operation of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) prevention activities.

Reports fully reflect the country’s achievements, in addition to the challenges currently facing the nation moving forward, whilst proposing solutions for economic recovery, according to NA deputies.

Regarding the solutions and tasks for the remaining months of the year, NA deputies are in agreement with the nine solution groups set out for socio-economic recovery and development as outlined in the Government's report.

In an effort to maintain current achievements, it has been suggested that effective measures be carried out, such as facilitating production and promoting growth among businesses. Moreover, work should be done on combating corruption, wastefulness, improving the overall quality of vocational training and high-quality human resources, improving the effectiveness of judicial work and law enforcement, whilst also devising support policies aimed at education-training establishments affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This policy is especially necessary in rural areas, whilst there should be a focus on forest protection, development, and promoting domestic tourism.

The debate is being broadcast live on national television and radio, in addition to being shown on the NA’s own television channel.