President calls for greater efforts to boost national development

VOV.VN -Vietnam has recorded the tremendous achievement to create new momentum and elevated international position for successful implementation of tasks laid out by the 12th national Party Congress, President Tran Dai Quang has said in an interview given to Radio Voice of Vietnam on the occasion of the lunar New Year festival.

president calls for greater efforts to boost national development hinh 0
This has been the first time for many years the country has fulfilled all 13 social economic development targets required by the national Assembly. These include macroeconomic stability, inflation under control, sustained budget collection with a GDP growth rate of 6.81%, export revenue of US$425 billion and a 10-year record high of US$35.8 billion in foreign direct investment (FDI).

The President extolled Vietnam’s significant success in its foreign policy history, especially its successful hosting of the APEC Year and the APEC Economic Leaders’ Week in the central city of Danang.

Vietnam has made strong impression in numerous initiatives and suggestions, priorities and governance to foster consensus and connectivity in APEC for its strategic vision in the decades to come. 

The State leader said Vietnam has augmented international cooperation in multiple fields to contribute to national defense and territorial integrity protection, national security, law and order.

 “The 25th APEC Economic Leaders’ Week has turned Vietnam in to a focal point in the world, where all APEC leaders and invited leaders from Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar joined the event. These show Vietnam’s strategic position and major role in the region as well as its commitment to foster APEC cooperation. 

APEC leaders have hailed Vietnam’s initiatives and contribution to APEC consensus in many issues towards a joint future. Successes in the APEC Year 2017 creates momentum for Vietnam’s holding major international roles, including its bid for a non permanent membership at the UN Security Council in the 2020-2021 term and ASEAN Chairmanship of 2020.”

The President considers 2018 a pivotal year in the 5-year social economic development plan until 2020 with GDP growth rate trajectory of up to 6.7%, continued macro economic stability and inflation control, renewed growth model with economic restructuring, improved labor output and economic competitiveness.

The President also called for nation unity and resourcefulness while grasping opportunities and overcoming challenges among Vietnamese at home and abroad to propel sustainable and rapid national development forward.