PM Phuc urges united front to help in economic recovery

VOV.VN - Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has underscored the necessity of promoting both patriotism and unity in a bid to overcome the difficulties that stand in the way of the nation achieving its growth targets and spurring on greater national development.

pm phuc urges united front to help in economic recovery hinh 0
Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc speaks at a meeting in preparation for an upcoming videoconference with businesses 
The PM made the statement at a meeting with ministries and leading figures from various sectors on May 6 in preparation for an upcoming videoconference with businesses set to take place on May 9. It is expected that the conference will provide a platform for both sides to remove difficulties, boost production, and strive to revitalise the national economy.

Regarding the outcome of the conference, the Prime Minister has suggested that resolutions or action plans should be implemented, in addition to the support packages which have already been issued. The conference will feature the delivery of reports by the Ministry of Planning and Investment, along with other ministries and sectors regarding solutions aimed at supporting enterprises, in addition to speeches by both domestic and foreign businesses and business associations.

PM Phuc has also proposed coming up with a range of measures to support local firms, with a particular focus being placed on new markets, human resources, credits, taxes, and fees.

Chairman of the Office of the Government Mai Tien Dung noted that the forthcoming conference will be broadcast online through 63 local bridge points which will allow roughly 800,000 businesses and over 5 million enterprises nationwide to follow proceedings. It is hoped that the platform will be able to successfully deal with issues of shared concern, proposals, and discuss advice given to the Prime Minister.

Emphasising some of the online meeting’s key information, PM Phuc expressed that it is necessary to ramp up marketing of firms that are run in an exemplary manner in an effort to overcome challenges on the pathway towards further development, especially businesses that are run by wounded soldiers and people suffering from disabilities.

Most notably, the event will be an unprecedented large-scale conference, with relevant agencies being asked to act responsibly to make the most out of the event.

According to President of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vu Tien Loc, the conference is being pitched as taking place in the context of a golden opportunity existing to make great strides to develop the nation, with the country successfully bringing the COVID-19 epidemic under control despite many other economies failing to find a relevant solution. Therefore, the event is seen as a perfect opportunity to make major breakthroughs to boost national development.