PM Phuc directs implementation of e-government building

VOV.VN -Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc showed Vietnam’s high determination to build an e-government by adopting better technical measures while chairing a meeting on May 14 in Hanoi to promote the building of an e-government in Vietnam.

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The slow-paced building of the e-Government will result in low productivity and backwardness .The immediate task is to revamp the national database and set up a mechanism for sharing data between State administrative agencies based on a model of decentralization. This is a suitable solution for Vietnam which has too many information systems at all levels without connectivity and data sharing with each other, PM Phuc said.

At the meeting, Minister-Chairman of the Government Office Mai Tien Dung touched upon experience of deploying e-governments of some countries such as Estonia, France and Malaysia, which have recorded certain achievements in implementing the task.

In particular, Estonia has provided 99% of essential services for citizens and businesses and set up a citizen registration management system and a national eID citizenship authentication system.

The French government has also built a national public service gateway and a national identity card system that allow connection between online public services with a single login.

In order to carry out such services, governments have also developed a platform for data sharing between agencies and ministries in the direction of decentralization.

Appreciating the experience, the participants stressed the necessity of connecting data between State agencies. In the immediate future, it is possible to allow data connection of the tax, customs and social insurance sectors, they said.

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Roughly 9,000 communes and wards in Vietnam have so far set up e-portals through which, data access can be made in order to serve people and businesses.

The cabinet leader said the building of the e-government will help combat corruption and negative phenomena, and boost administrative reform, a huge task of creating a favorable business investment environment in Vietnam.

“It is now time for Vietnam to expedite the e-government building with core solutions for improving the effectiveness of e-government construction and public administration,” PM Phuc emphasized.

In that spirit,PM Phuc agreed with the Government Office’s proposal to establish a national committee on e-Government headed by the PM who will also direct the implementation.

The PM requested the Ministry of Information and Communications and other relevant ministries, sector and localities to promptly submit to the Government for promulgation of a decree on the implementation of one-stop shop and one-door mechanisms in dealing with administrative procedures.

He assigned the Government Office in November 2018 to submit a project on solutions for connection and sharing of data among State agencies to the PM for consideration and approval.