PM chairs first Government meeting through e-cabinet system

VOV.VN - Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc presided over the first Government meeting held via the newly established e-cabinet system on June 24 to mark the launch of the tool.

pm chairs first government meeting through e-cabinet system hinh 0
At the Government meeting.

The debut of the e-cabinet system reflects the joint efforts made by the Government Office, ministries, and agencies over the past three months to build up and put into operation the system.

The e-cabinet system is regarded as an effective tool that would help to regulate Government meetings and update, manage, and store relevant documents and profiles.

It would allow Government members to discuss, comment, edit, and vote on draft documents through their digital signature and authentication. Those absent from Government meetings may offer their opinion and vote via a mobile device.

Of note, the system will aid in the handling of Government affairs and the collection of Government members’ opinion. In addition, it is set to deliver email notifications and automatic warnings to these members regarding deadlines.

As many as 21 of the 27 cabinet members took part in the first Government meeting aimed at raising discussions on a draft resolution to put forward a decree on electronic identification and authentication (EIA). Absent members were able to follow the meeting and made online polls through their mobile devices that had been connected to the e-cabinet system.

PM Phuc noted that the draft resolution is qualified to take the opinion of Government members as the compiling agency - the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) - had consulted stakeholders regarding the document. Furthermore, the paper had previously received appraisal from the Ministry of Justice.

The draft resolution highlights two main categories of policy. The first aims to put forth EIA - related regulations as well as create a legal framework for EIA forms.

Secondly, it looks to prescribe rules regarding the provision and use of EIA services in line with standardized technical requirements and proper technologies, which is expected to help ensure information security and define the rights and responsibilities of EIA users.

The MIC has broadly consulted 29 ministries and agencies, 63 localities, and residents regarding the draft resolution on the MIC portal.

At the meeting, 25 Government members voted for the draft resolution through the e-cabinet system; of which four made online polls.

The Government Office was asked to finalize relevant procedures to submit the draft resolution to the Prime Minister for approval. The Government leader later pressed the button to sign the resolution.


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