Planning Law, if approved, will help ease overlap: lawmakers

The Planning Law, if approved, will help remove planning overlap and reduce wastefulness, almost all lawmakers agreed.

planning law, if approved, will help ease overlap: lawmakers hinh 0
Sharing his ideas on the draft law on the sidelines of the 14th National Assembly’s on-going fourth session on October 25, deputy Nguyen Duc Kien from Hai Phong city said that the Planning Law is a breakthrough in State management in the awareness of socio-economic development and the role of the State in socio-economic development.

The law is the follow-up of the Law on Management over the Use of State Capital in Enterprises and the Law on Public Investment, Kien said, adding that it defines measures to effectively utilise the country’s resources, focusing on the use of the resources, with both tangible and intangible planning.

All product planning will be removed from the law as the development of products must be decided by the market, without the interference of the State, which, Kien said, is a breakthrough making the law a foundation to build the nation’s 2021-2026 socio-economic development plan.

Deputy Phung Van Hung from Cao Bang province stressed that when approved, the Planning Law can save huge social resources as in this law, the planning system is cut from nearly 20,000 types of planning to around 10,000 types.

Sharing the same opinion, deputy Tran Van Lam from Bac Giang province noted that the ineffective use of national resources will lead to wastefulness and leave negative impact on the next generations.

Therefore, he proposed lawmakers discuss an optimal method of using national resources in the Planning Law.

If the Planning Law is adopted at the 14th National Assembly’s fourth session, it will become effective on January 1, 2019.

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