Party Committee makes important decisions

(VOV) - The Party Central Committee has called for continued efforts to renew and consolidate the political system from the central to grassroots levels.

The purpose of reorganising the political system is to build a well-organised, streamlined, and highly stable apparatus which is consistent with its assigned functions and duties, said Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong in his closing speech at a Party Central Committee conference in Hanoi on May 11.

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The move will also help build a contingent of workers and officials with high political, moral and professional values to undertake the tasks in the new circumstances.

The campaign must be carried out alongside the renewal of economic institutions, creating a consensus amongst all organisations within the political system, including the Party, State, Fatherland Front, and other socio-political organisations.

The 10-day conference approved a resolution on strengthening and renewing the Party’s leadership role in mass mobilisation, stressing that it was necessary to issue such a resolution in the current situation to consolidate the Party’s power.

To implement this task, Trong asked Party organisations to study Ho Chi Minh’s Thoughts as well as the Party guidelines on mass mobilisation and great national unity. He said it is necessary to respect and promote human rights, care for the people’s physical and intellectual needs, and inquire about their desires and aspirations in order to live up to their expectations.

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General Secretary Trong thanked the Vietnamese people living within and outside the country for giving their opinions on draft amendments to the 1992 Constitution. He also commended the Constitutional amendment drafting committee and relevant agencies for gathering and fine-tuning the legal document to be submitted to the National Assembly for consideration.

He underlined the importance of responding to climate change and protecting the environment and natural resources, saying it is imperative to raise awareness of these issues within the entire Party and the political system, and among the general population, as they are decisive factors behind the sustainable development of the nation.

Considering and resolving these issues must be based on the consistent, co-operative management of all sectors to meet the country’s immediate requirements and long-term interests.

To this end, he said, the primary task is to accelerate the renewed growth model and restructure the economy towards green growth and sustainable development. The green-growth model needs to be piloted before it is replicated across the country.

The conference acknowledged the encouraging results of implementing the resolution on Party building and asked Party organisations to continue with the adopted action plan, aiming to stop negative effects and moral decadence among Party members and build strong Party organisations.

The conference also gave opinions on criteria for selecting key personnel for Party and State positions in the 2016-2021 tenure and beyond, taking into account the number, age, gender, and personal background of eligible candidates.