Party awakens national unity strength

VOV.VN - Since its foundation on February 3, 1930, the Communist Party of Vietnam’s guidelines have lived up to Vietnam’s aspirations for national independence and socialism. The Party has capitalized on the strength of national unity.

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President Ho Chi Minh underlined the importance of solidarity, saying “solidarity within the Party should be considered the pupil of the eye” and “Solidarity, solidarity, and great solidarity – Success, success, and great success.”

Unity, source of all success

Dr. Nguyen Trong Phuc, former director of the Institute of Party History, said the Communist Party of Vietnam has adopted an unwavering policy of national unity. A meeting on the establishment of the Communist Party of Vietnam in February 1930 passed a brief, fundamental political platform. It was more important that the Party Central Committee in the first tenure was fine-tuned to lead the nation and adopt practical policies.

Under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam, national unity strength has been promoted and influenced by Vietnam’s traditions, Marxism-Leninism, and Ho Chi Minh thought. 

Throughout all revolutionary periods, the Party has enhanced its leadership and fighting capacity by promoting national unity. 

The 12th National Party Congress in 2016 confirmed that “national great unity is a strategic direction of the Vietnamese revolution, and a great motivation and resource of national construction and defense.”  

Party, core of national great unity

Dr. Pham Xuan Hang of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities said the Vietnamese revolutionary cause led by the Communist Party of Vietnam is inseparable from the people’s support and contribution. 

Dr. Hang said the current situation requires the Party to prove its spirit of democracy, publicity, and transparency, listen to public opinions, and be monitored by the people. 

“In the meantime, the Party needs to work as hard as during wartime to strengthen national unity, which will decide national inner strength. It’s now time for the Party to show its core role in uniting people,” Hang said.

Closer to people for greater power

The Communist Party is the ruling and sole party in Vietnam, comprising all representatives of the people. Only by staying closer to the people, can the Party fulfill its leadership mission. 

The Party’s national great unity policy is based on protecting the legitimate rights of people and constantly improving the living standards of people. 

Dr. Bui Xuan Duc, former director of the Institute of Front Studies at the Vietnam Fatherland Front, said, “National great unity should be based on satisfactory resolution of interests in society. Great unity means great unity in politics, the revolutionary cause, and ruling power.”

By upholding national great unity, the Communist Party of Vietnam strengthens its ruling power to lead the people to achieve the goal of national industrialization, modernization, and international integration.


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